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Before: Patient frustrated with staining, shape, and need for whitening.

Before: chipped composite and misaligned stained anterior teeth

Complete upper and lower denture Try - In

After: 12 upper and lower Ceramic Veneers 

After: 10 Zirconia Crowns

Final result: Complete upper and lower Dentures

Before: Old metal partial and discolored crowns

After: New flexible partial denture and anterior crowns

Before: severe periodontal disease and failing restorations

After: Complete upper and lower dentures

Before chairside whitening

After: Lumibrite chairside whitening

Before:  Patient presented with severe decay and large metal (amalgam) fillings.

After: E.max all-ceramic crowns 14, 30, and 31

Root Canal

Before: patient presented with recurrent decay to nerve and Root Canal performed in one visit

After: Final restoration.  Natural all ceramic e. max crown #14 (middle tooth is the crown)

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